Report: Guyana is under siege by Venezuela as int’l community rallies around country amid Nicholas Maduro ‘s efforts to rob Guyana blind of its oil

Guyana may soon be under attack if Nicholas Maduro has anything to say about it. According to reports, the longstanding feud between Guyana and Venezuela over a super critical mineral rich region of Guyana has hit a new dangerous high. The area actually covers about two thirds of the gorgeous South American country.

This week left-wing dictator Nicholas Maduro abruptly announced his intentions to annex parts of Guyana and bring them into the fold of Venezuela. The move of course is illegal both throughout South America and further internationally as Venezuela has already been told to leave the Guayana Esequiba area alone until a decision in the court matter can be reached.

On Maduro ‘s part, the effort appears to be at least in part an effort by Maduro to appeal to his most hardline faction. The annexation attempts come as growing opposition is growing against Maduro in the country and he is presently facing a viable threat to dictatorship.

The International Court of Justice recently ruled that Venezuela must leave the area alone until a decision can be made as to who has rights over the area. Though despite this ruling, Maduro has recently ordered a military official to the area amid fears that a full-blown annexation may soon follow.

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