Woman: Diddy and his friends took turns assaulting me when I was 17

American hip-hop star Sean Diddy Combs has once again been accused of sexual assault. According to a new filing, Diddy has been accused of gang-raping a 17-year-old girl with at least two accomplices one identified as Harve Pierre.

A bombshell new legal document has accused Diddy of the most jarring sexual assault allegation yet. In the complaint, a woman who we will continue to identify as Jane Doe claims that she met Pierre in Detroit Michigan while out with a girlfriend. The two were in high school at the time.

She claims in the doc that she met Pierre while at a club at the time who later repeatedly pressed her over how attractive he found her. From there, she claims that she was manipulated into going to New York to meet Diddy with Pierre but things quickly got dark and terrifying.

Pierre allegedly forced the then-young woman to perform oral sex as the complaint reads before they boarded a flight to New Jersey. Once landed, she was ushered to something called Daddy’s House Recording Studio which is owned by Diddy and Pierre — where she says the violent drug-fueled gang rape took place. An attack she says that the group plied her with drugs before refusing to stop at all.

The woman is pictured below from the filing from this period with Diddy.


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