Double murderer Alex Murdaugh is going down for 27 additional years for the shocking financial crimes he committed against innocent people

Infamous double murderer Alex Murdaugh has learned his fate for his financial crimes. According to reports, Murdaugh has been sentenced to an additional 27 years in prison for bilking innocent people out of millions of dollars while often having acted as their lawyer.

Murdaugh who is already serving hard time for slaughtering his own family — will now go away for even longer for being a fraudulent criminal. On Tuesday, Murdaugh in the presence of many of the victims in which he bilked, was emotionless as he was sentenced to 27 more years.

Murdaugh faced a total of more than 100 financial crime charges but ultimately took a plea deal earlier this month. In that deal, he plead guilty to 22 of those crimes agreeing to a 27-year sentence.

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