Sleazy NY landlord busted after demanding nudes from female tenant in exchange for ‘priority’ on new apartment list

An upstate seedy NY landlord is now facing criminal charges after attempting to coerce a female tenant. Police say John Daly, 58, attempted to coerce Keri Chew into sending him her nudes in exchange for bumping her name on a move list.

Yet another notch on the world’s worst landlords list has been collected. According to reports, a New York landlord is facing coercion charges after attempting to scam his way to a woman’s private intimate photographs.

“Daly advised me that there was a long ‘wait list’ of potential renters to rent the apartment,” Chew said in a police statement per The Post Star.

“Daly then told me that if I wanted to be moved to the front of the list and move in today, he ‘expected’ me to get naked and allow him to take pictures of me,” she said.

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