Music icon Cher has been accused of kidnapping her own son in a botched effort to stop an apparent marriage: Lawsuit

American music icon Cher has found herself the subject of a wild lawsuit that claims she attempted to hire men to kidnap her own son in an effort to stop an apparent engagement and marriage.

A very messy lawsuit is out and it involves Cher. According to reports, her son Elijah Blue Allman and his wife who at one point were going through marital troubles allege that Cher plotted to kidnap Allman. Back in 2022, it is alleged that Cher hired ‘four men’ to kidnap Allman from a hotel room where he had been shacked up with his wife. His wife on her part claims that the two were going through a 12-day period where they had hoped to reconcile.

The situation began to unfold back in 2021 when Allman attempted to file for divorce from Marie Angela King. But fast forward to November 2022, but claim that Cher played a role in a kidnapping plot involving a swanky NYC hotel room in an effort to stop the reconciliation from happening.

Rolling Stone has a wild timeline of the events.

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