What do they know? The U.S. government’s step-by-step plan to inform the public of the existence of aliens has been posted online

A step-by-step government plan to legally inform the public that aliens in fact exist and may have visited Earth already has appeared online. The plan appears to have been born following the passage of the Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) Discloser Act in July.

Back in July, the United States Senate passed a law all but requiring government agencies who possess real information about the existence of aliens to come clean. The move is of course a part of a larger effort on Earth to once and for all confirm whether or not there are others; other humans, aliens, or similar species somewhere up there in Space and beyond our Universe. The plan features several points and requires the use of a review board of 9 people who are essentially tasked with either confirming or denying one of the biggest questions in the history of mankind.

The President, Joe Biden, has 90 days from the enactment in July to nominate a full board and ultimately will have the last say so about what gets revealed to the public.

From there, government agencies will then have to turn over all records (some mostly in digital format) to the review board. Agencies are required to keep a physical copy of such records and then provide digital records to the board. Assuming they have information that has not been seen by the public before, and that they’d even be honest to begin with, the disclosures have a small potential of being profound.

In total the government has about 300 days to get it together and release what they know.

Under the rules of the act, from the date of enactment, government agencies have about 300 days to review; confirm, remove anything that jeopardizes national security, and then disclose their proof or findings to the public.

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