We asked some women why they’re choosing to not have kids at all, it’s time we get real about the reasons why – See what they said

Let’s be clear motherhood and having a family should absolutely not be frowned upon because none of us would be here if those before us didn’t create a family to begin with. However, society along with the times is changing, and a lot of women and couples are choosing to not have any children at all.

Bazaar Daily got a little curious and decided to send out an e-mail blast to a targeted community of our readers. The responses were both eye-opening as they were brutally honest.

Some responses recorded are anonymous at the request of the women involved.

‘I couldn’t imagine having children with some of these men out here the way they act. They love to be like well vet better men, but never seem to stop to think that women are vetting from the jump it’s the men who are being downright deceitful. No way would I ever lay with these men out here like that and sacrifice my entire life only to end up alone while he is out there somewhere shacking up with XYZ.’

Tattiana L, 29, Baltimore.

‘I just decided that I did not want children because I did not want to be the one to foot all of the work to raise that child. You can barely count on men these days and I’ve seen it so much with those who already have children. Some of my best friends are all alone now because the same men who begged them for babies have since left them in the cold and are often struggling.’

‘Call me when finding that ‘good man’ is an easy task as it stands you have better luck winning the lottery than finding a decent man these days. Men are in denial about this and this is why many of them are lonely.’


Katie, 27, Austin Texas.

‘First of all, in this economy?’

Porsha R, 31, Atlanta Georgia

‘I wanted children when I was like 18 and navigating my way into adulthood. But at 29 with a successful career and no stress due to children or a relationship, I can honestly say I don’t want either of them. Not giving my body away only to end up a statistic.’

Brenda, 31, New York New York

‘Me and my boyfriend just decided against it. After the pandemic, the pandemic laid bare just how awful and cruel the world and a lot of people in it really are. We decided it was best to just not bring a child into this world that would be wholly unfair and wildly cruel’


‘I saw my Mom get pregnant later in life only for her to get left once she was pregnant. What I refuse to do in this lifetime is succumb to society’s demands that I lay down with a man just to keep producing no matter the cost or troubles. It’s not worth it.’

Tia, 32, London England

‘I just didn’t like the idea of being stuck with the same man for 18 years whether we worked out or not.’


‘High cost of living and relationships in Tokyo just aren’t what they used to be. I wish I could afford to have a family I do, but, for financial and literal reasons it just isn’t a smart thing to do. The world is a dangerous place we should not be forcing unsuspecting people to go through this. That’s cruel and unusual punishment.’

M. Rin, 29, Tokyo Japan

‘Ask yourself why anyone with a conscious would knowingly have children when the world is on fire; white people are murdering anything that is not white, politicians are trying to treat people like baby factories, among other things. I decided not to have children because that’s all we are to the government is chattel. We are meant to keep the business of society going by reproducing nothing more nothing less. People including women are more than baby factories. My womb does not belong to the government.’

Alicia S, 30, Portland Oregon

‘We’re supposed to have babies with the same species who will put on a Golden Globe-worthy performance to get your attention and get you into the bedroom only to vanish into thin air right after? I’m good. I’m going to adopt with my girlfriends and that will be that. Foster kids deserve love too.’

Randella W, 25, Louisville Kentucky

‘It costs $499.99 not including shipping and handling and taxes where applicable just to go outside. Be serious for a second why would anyone want children knowing that in itself.’

Ciara M, 34 Far Rockaway New York

‘My very single mother who raised me raised me to be smart. I am more than a vagina and a uterus.’

Imani L, 27, Brooklyn New York

‘When you think about it the fact that men can just impregnate women and simply walk away like it is nothing is all the reason this shop is closed to pregnancy. At my age that is all but made up.’

Melissa F, 26, Washington DC

‘When all is said and done there would not be a society without we the people. There would be none of this if we weren’t laying with each other; having sex, going to work, and so on. When I really thought deep down about this I realized that we have far more power than we are led to believe and until people realize this I’m afraid that this is not a suitable world for someone let alone a child who did not ask to be here.’


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