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A male flight attendant taped an iPhone to the airplane bathroom toilet and recorded our 14-year-old daughter: Family

A terrifying ordeal to unfold on an airplane. According to reports, the FBI is now investigating an American Airlines attendant who a family says pervertedly recorded their daughter after targeting her aboard the plane.

It gets much sicker from there. According to the formal complaint, the family was headed from North Carolina to Boston on 2 September when their 14-year-old daugher had to use the restroom. From there, the family alleges that she was intentionally targeted after a male flight attendant made an extra effort to ensure she used the first class bathroom. The young girl who has not been identified later used the restroom to find a largely obscured iPhone hidden in the toilet meant to secretly record her.

From there after taking a photo of the incident, she reported it to her parents who then brought it to the attention of flight staff. The flight attendant’s identity is not clear at this time.

The AP reports that AA flight 1441 was the flight involved on 2 September. FBI officials are now investigating following claims that the male flight attendant intentionally asked the girl to use the first-class bathroom so he could record her without being noticed.

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