Report: France says its ambassador is being held hostage inside its embassy in Niger

France has a few problems on its hands but a different one is unfolding in Niger. According to reports, the French government says that its ambassador Sylvain Itte is being held against his will and denied basic necessities including food and healthcare.

In the midst of the rise of Niger’s military junta, France has a new problem on its hands and according to reports isn’t quite sure how to fix it. Over the weekend, the government confirmed that Sylvain Itte the ambassdor currently in the disputed country is being held hostage. It comes as French President Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly declared that France will only recognize directives and authority from the country’s abducted President Bazoum who is also being held hostage and has been held since the junta toppled the government.

Back in July, the junta ordered Itte to flee the country immediately however reports indicate that he stayed. The consequence of staying almost immediately resulted in his being held. CNN reports that the ambassador is still managing to work although under some pretty inhumane conditions that the junta insists aren’t happening.

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