Belarus claims it ‘will’ use nuclear weapons in the event of aggression

But as noted by experts it remains unclear just how many nuclear weapons Belarus has or how many were transferred from Russia to Minsk. Early on in the war, Lukashenko made it clear he was in bed with the Russians and invited Russia to foster a close relationship.

A new interview between Belarusian state media Belta and its despot leader Aleksander Lukashenko is making its rounds. In the interview, Lukashenko reaffirmed that the pro-Russian territory would ‘use nuclear weapons’ in the event of foreign aggression from neighbouring NATO allies. It is the latest claim by country’s despotic leader that signals concerns as to whether or not the country would actually engage in the war.

“We didn’t bring nuclear weapons here in order to scare someone,” he added. “Yes, nuclear weapons represent a strong deterring factor. But these are tactical nuclear weapons, not strategic ones. This is why we will use them immediately once aggression is launched against us.”

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