This is what rage engagement is and why you should be weary of interacting with it online

Rage engagement is often when someone or a few something’s intentionally ‘post’ something on X in order to drum up their engagement numbers. This information is not always accurate and is often intent on drumming up as much controversy and drama as possible.

That’s the point. Rage posting has always been a thing but on X particularly, it has proliferated in wake of people being able to get paid by Elon Musk to do just that. X now pays people varying amounts of money for their engagement and the traffic they help drive.

Keep this in mind when browsing social media if it looks suspect don’t engage with it. All you’re doing is lining somebody’s coffers.

Here is a prime example of rage tweeting with a dash of intentional misinformation.


The above is intentional misinformation from a far-right person named Matt Wallace. The video he claims is from Maui is actually from that of Chile.

The real video:

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