Shocking revelation reveals that Tik Tok star Deaf Immy died after being sent a suicide kit by Canadian man hawking kits to vulnerable people online

Tik Tok star Deaf Immy ‘s death has once more sparked fury. According to Imogen Nunn’s family, the online personality was sent a ‘suicide kit’ from a Canadian man linked to a string of international deaths.

Back in January, an online Tik Tok star known as. Deaf Emmy died by taking her own life. Now her parents have revealed in new info on the case that she died after being sent what is known as suicide kits. The revelations by her parents come just after it was previously revealed that a Canadian man named Kenneth Law, 57, was charged with assisting two different suicides. Cops have long alleged that Law reportedly ran an online business selling these kits to young vulnerable people worldwide. His kits were inked to at least 4 other UK deaths and one in the U.S.

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