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Rail fares are going up again, and people are furious

Rail disruption has become in the least, normal these days, thanks to delays and own price hikes in the quest to get a season pass for the service itself. This week,  Transportation minister Patrick Mcloughlin took to Birmingham Street to defend a rise in rail fares that some say are ‘unneeded’ and overzealous’.

In the past five years, thanks to annual price hikes, prices for fares on railways have rose a startling 20%.

McLoughlin defended the rise in fares in his ‘defense’ speech by citing that the government has ‘increasingly invested’ in the railway itself, and continues to invest to the point in which the railway becomes better. Despite such, travelers have faced upwards of an hour long delay (usually)  due to a nearby signaling problem.

How does it get worse? It does.  In the same argument, McLoughlin presented his case arguing that passengers should contribute to the railways just like the government does, or at the same prosperous level.

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