ICYMI: Following Imran Khan ‘s arrest, elections in Pakistan have been postponed as the country is further thrown into spiralling chaos

In a country where no PM has ever finished a 5-year term, Imran Khan is now the latest example to join the not-so-exclusive club. Khan this week was sentenced to 3 years in prison for his role in alleged corruption schemes involving sold gifts he should’ve reported to officials.

The fall of Imran Khan has long been expected by many, especially after years of reports of alleged corruption. Khan, sentenced this week, was long accused of accepting gifts in his formal position as PM only to turn around and sell them without reporting the proceeds.

According to The New York Times, Khan was arrested at his home in Lahore following the verdict. The Times notes that Khan plans to appeal but any chances of a political comeback likely have been dashed as a result of the verdict. Khan maintains that the military establishment is to blame.

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