The fascinating and heartbreaking tale of Spain ‘s Red Virgin is about to be told to a worldwide audience for the first time


For 90 years what may sound like an urban legend has actually been one of the oldest and by far the most twisted real stories ever told in Spain. Hildegart Rodriguez otherwise known as ‘The Red Virgin’ is about to get the Western TV treatment thanks to the likes of Amazon.

90 years ago a tale of paranoia; government conspiracy theories, alleged kidnapping plots, and bouts of severe mental illness led to the story of Aurora and Hidegart Rodriguez. According to the history books, Aurora Rodriguez’s fondness for eugenics stemmed from the false belief that she could ‘create essentially the perfect child.’ In more ways than one she in fact did, however, despite academic and social achievements well beyond her time it still wasn’t enough to satisfy Rodriguez.

What is eugenics?

Eugenics is about as sci-fi-ish as it sounds. Baked in the general ideology of racism and discrimination, the thought process otherwise claims that ‘good breeding’ can help eradicate unwanted characteristics.

Now Rodriguez ‘s tale of ‘motherly love’ to either endure the perfect child or operate under the false belief that she had the right to take a life she created will be retold. Fascinatingly, Rodriguez specifically sought out eugenics because she felt that it was a requirement for her child not have undesirable characteristics.

Everything interesting

The child in question is actually Hildegart Rodriguez as in Hildegart Rodriguez the social activist from the 18th century who helped champion women’s rights and sexuality. Despite her efforts to create the perfect child, Rodriguez herself would eventually go on to become dramatically paranoid of her own child with delusions so wild it led to her murder. According to Hilldegart’s background, her mother believed that those around her were part of a larger conspiracy to force her to leave Spain and somehow serve a secret intelligence agency (she would go on to accuse HG Wells of this also.)

And then came that terrifying night. Aurora shot Hildegart several times in her bed on the night of 9 June 1933. It has never been totally clear as to why this happened despite numerous enduring conspiracy theories and accepted narratives about their lives.

According to reports, the dramatic TV movie will star Najwa Nimri and Alba Planas.

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