Italy has begun its crackdown on same-sex families as Lesbian moms see their names stripped from birth certificates in shocking display of bigotry

Meloni ‘s far-right party is keeping to their word to crack down on display’s of LGBTQ+ materials in the country including that of allowing same-sex individuals to be listed on actual birth certificates.

A state-sanctioned sweep of same-sex families; their children, and how their birth certificates read is underway in Italy. According to CNN, Meloni’s far-right Italy has begun removing Lesbian mothers from birth certificates in an effort to push the right-wing idea that families can only exist if a man and a woman are involved.

The same report uncovered that in the city of Padua, government officials have begun removing the names of at least 27 Lesbian mothers from the birth certificates of their children. Of course, the draconian new measure does also seek to restrict same-sex couples involving men.

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