Royal Minute: Kate and William are bucking tradition and prepared to allow Prince George to forge his own path instead of joining the armed forces

Royal Minute is a ‘news bite-y’ newsletter about none other than the royal family. In Bazaar ‘s Royal Minute Rewind Sunday edition, reports suggest that the royals are gearing up to buck a big usual tradition.

According to weekend reports, big changes are coming to the royal family at least at the Wales residence. Kate and William are understood to be in the midst of allowing Prince George to skip over the usual tradition of eventually joining the armed forces. Some reports even suggest that George will be given the full opportunity to decide what he and he only wants to do with his future.

Generally in the past, male heirs would have been expected to take part in the armed forces and serve the country in some way. But Kate and William by far the most modern of the royal family have made it evident in recent months that they intend to do away with many antiquated royal traditions.

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