ICYMI: After questions about claim of assault, no charges to be filed against security guard who ‘assaulted’ Britney Spears

After claims of assault by pop legend Britney Spears, reports indicate that police do not intend to pursue charges against Victor Wembanyama ‘s security guard who she said slapped her in the face.

Following an incident at the Aria Hotel earlier this week, cops will not be pressing charges against Wembanyama ‘s security guard over claims made by Britney Spears. Initially, TMZ reported via video footage that Spears had been ‘hit in the face’ by his guard after attempting to approach Wembanyama to congratulate him.

Police maintain though that security footage from inside the Aria Hotel actually shows that she accidentally hit herself in the face in the midst of it all. Spears had been hoping to get an apology.

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