A judge has blocked NYC ‘s food delivery minimum wage law from going into play because delivery apps don’t want to pay people

NYC ‘s attempt at leveling the playing field for its food delivery workers appears to have run into some legal roadblocks. On Friday, a judge ruled that the law must be paused until oral arguments can be heard in the lawsuits against the law by Doordash; Grubhub, and Uber Eats.

Judge Nicholas Moyne ruled this week that the law meant to go into effect for the first time within days must be placed on hold. The law in essence was set to raise pay for food delivery workers to about $17.96 h/r and nearly $20 h/r by 2025.

Of course, food delivery apps are vehemently against paying people fair wages.

“Today’s decision is an early and promising victory for consumers, local businesses, and delivery workers across New York City, protecting them from the harmful and lasting impacts of an extreme earnings standard that resulted from a fundamentally broken process. We hope that this puts us on the path towards the city establishing a more reasonable earnings standard that reflects how these platforms are used by New Yorkers,” the company said.

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