New e-mails reveal Hunter Biden appears to have attempted to open a bank account with a ‘corrupt’ bank amid that whole ‘Burisma’ thing

Hunter Biden ‘s alleged dirty dealings with Burisma (that’s the Ukrainian gas company) are back in the headlines. According to so-called e-mails from his laptop, e-mails have revealed how Biden provided his passport information and income info to a corrupt bank in Malta.

E-mails reportedly recovered once again from Hunter Biden ‘s controversial laptop have revealed even more of his alleged doings. Kn some of those e-mails, it has now been revealed how Biden attempted to get a bank account at a bank called Satabank in Malta. Satabank was shuttered in 2018 after authorities in Malta found that it had not been enforcing policies meant to curb money laundering and financing of terrorism.

This is ‘supposedly’ a critical moment in the so-called Republican investigation into thse very claims. Earlier this month, a whistleblower claimed to members of Congress that at the time of these dealings Hunter Biden accepted $10m from Burisma.

Vadym Pozharskyi the owner of the Burisma is believed to have helped Biden along in 2016.

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