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Texas Ranger: Amber Guyger didn’t commit a crime

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Over the week, Amber Guyger (the former Texas Cop who walked into a man’s apartment claiming it was hers and then killed him) took the stand in her own murder trial. While having done so, Guyger told a shocked jury that she had wished he instead had the gun on her “because I have to live with this everyday”.

Guyger claimed in testimony that on 6 September 2018 she had worked a 13-hour shift and was exhausted. The problem with her testimony sits with the fact that she was ‘distracted’ by steamy text messages from her lover — a man she was trying to hide from others.

Guyger is facing life in prison if convicted. Meanwhile, take a gander at this black ranger claiming she didn’t commit a crime killing an innocent black man in his own apartment.

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