These are your 10 biggest landowners in the world and not a single American topped the list

Forget billionaires and money let’s talk land. Madison Trust has set out to chronicle the world’s 10 biggest landowners all of which are foreign. The list does not include any of America ‘s wealthiest despite common misconception.

  1. King Charles III United Kingdom and Canada, 6,600,000,000 acres

Fun Fact: This includes more than 90% of all of the land in the entire country of Canada.

2. Catholic Church, worldwide, 177,000,000 acres

Their portfolio includes churches, parochial schools, farms, and other real estate properties.

3. Inuit People of Nunavut, Canada, 87,500,000.

According to the history books, these folks had their land given to them in 1993 ‘s claims agreement.

4. Gina Rinehart, Australia, 23,969,000 acres

Aussie mining magnate and Australia’s richest (and we mean filthy rich) person.

5. Inuvialuit People of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Canada, 22,486,000 acres

All of their land was given in 1984’s Inuvialuit Final Agreement according to the history books.

See the full list, via Madison Trust.

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