Reddit ‘s Steve Huffman just admitted to the world he doesn’t know how to read the room

Chances are most people are aware by now that Reddit is engulfed in a series of protests because of a series of changes the site intends to make about a number of policies. Buckle up, because this entire Reddit ordeal is messy.

Social networking site Reddit is in the news this week and boy does it get messy from the start. According to reports, protests recently erupted on the site after its CEO Steve Huffman announced the intent to undergo a series of changes at the site. For those who aren’t familiar, Reddit moderators of ‘sub communities’ often control their own communities and wield significant power to do so. Hoffman is now trying to make it easier to remove moderators who stand up to Hoffman ‘s poor leadership.

Moderators maintain that because they are free volunteers they have earned the right to maintain complete control over their communities. Some communities are outright refusing to go back online at all.

When the protests first erupted across the site, thousands of online communities either went completely dark or went private so that even their own members couldn’t see the group anymore. A recently published interview with Huffman hasn’t been helping the flames either.

In a separate interview, Huffman sparked backlash after praising Elon Musk ‘s epic failure of leadership over at Twitter.

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