The Importance of Fire Signs

Here’s a bold statement: fire is really dangerous and should never be messed with. Controlling fire is arbitrary at best and usually leads to really bad situations that could have otherwise been avoided. Before you know it, you are staring down an emergency situation.

Fire signs are critical for creating a safe environment regardless of the industry or business. Fires can start in any way, but having proper signage can keep people prepared in areas where fire is especially dangerous.

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Why Fire Safety Signs are Critical

It’s just signage, what’s the big deal? Having the right fire safety signage is designed to not only prevent fires from happening in the first place but save lives. It can also help prevent massive or total property deterioration, something that could potentially destroy lives.

Fire safety signs serve two important crucial purposes. The first purpose is to show people the dangers that come with even the smallest fire. Those preventative safety tips are more valuable than they might seem, helping to prevent fires from happening on a regular basis. The second is helping people know what to do when a fire starts. Exit routes, directions to fire equipment, and other signs can save property and lives.

Fire Exit Signs

Fire safety signs are lifesavers but are also pretty simple to follow. While the signs aren’t necessarily going to stop a fire, they can lead people to safety and the appropriate people to things like fire extinguishers that can be used in a pinch to prevent serious damage. Without those signs, things would break down into chaos.

In any building, you are going to see exit signs all throughout. The size of the building dictates how many signs you’ll need but they make it clear where the proper access points are so that people can get out in a timely manner. Without those signs, getting lost in the panic would become all too common.

Know the Colors

In any building you have been in, there’s a good chance that you have seen different colored exit signs without necessarily knowing what they mean. Green, for instance, means that it is a safe route when a fire emergency breaks out. Wherever you go, you’ll find green exit signs to show the safest exit points.

Yellow means caution and indicates that there may be risk factors like explosive substances in the area. You can proceed but should be careful doing so. Red means there is danger or that specific actions are prohibited. In some cases, it means that fire suppression equipment is nearby. Blue is preventative safety, things like ‘keep clear’ that can help avoid a fire in the first place. Having a brief training period to learn those colors is something that every organization could benefit from.

Different Sign Categories

An entire piece could be dedicated to the different types of fire safety signs that you will come across. Prohibition signage is meant to stop things that could lead to more risk. Things like “no smoking” are common preventative measures. Warning signs are there to illustrate the risks and better educate people to keep fires from happening. These signs have equilateral triangles with a pictogram right in the middle.

Safety condition signs are very common, too. They point out things like first aid equipment, fire assembly points, emergency exits, and fire escape routes. If a fire happens, safety is the most important thing and the different categories make it easier to understand what to look for. Fire exit signs indicate proper access points for a safe exit should a fire start.

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