Prime suspect Nima Momeni in the stabbing murder of Cash App founder Bob Lee has pleaded not guilty – Crime

Bob Lee ‘s brazen killer out in San Francisco Nima Momeni has pleaded not guilty to a murder charge following his death.

Nima Momeni, a tech consultant who is understood to have a past of his own stands accused of murdering Cash App’s Bob Lee back in April. Prosecutors allege that Momeni viciously stabbed Lee outside of an apartment complex in the early hours of the morning. Momeni on his part has pleaded not guilty to a murder charge.

Momeni allegedly stabbed Bob Lee over claims that he had partied with his sister in lurid parties for the ‘elite.’ His sister is Khazar Elyassnia and she was also in court this week.

The judge presiding over the case Victor Hwang ordered Momeni to be held in jail over concerns that his release could pose a great bodily concern safety-wise to other people. He did not make any comments directly or through his attorney during the latest hearing according to the case.

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