Examining the laughably dark and dishonest world of George Santos, Long Island ‘s infamous lying rep

Republican Representative George Santos at first seemed like almost any successful graduate straight out of Manhattan that went on to Wall Street. Except, many of the claims and ‘facts’ touted in his so-called biographies were all wildly bizarre wholesale inventions.

It all began to unrave for George Santos back on 19 December when the New York Times revealed in a series of bombshelll allegations that Santos has a long and checkered past with fraudulent activities. At the time, Santos was not charged with anything and they were only allegations. And then things got pretty dark and dark fast.

In the weeks following, it began to emerge that Santos was not what he seemed. Having quite literally invented his resume in an overnight fashion — all of his educational credentials and professional work history including his references were all fabricated. Following the Times report, a second bombshell report emerged weeks later with these revelations. It sent Santos ‘s case into a tailspin almost immediately capturing the attention of federal authorities.

Santos notably claimed to have graduated from Baruch College (in Manhattan) and ‘worked’ for Goldman Sachs. His resume was so fabricated it is understood that next to nothing on it was actually true.

Interestingly, it is not clear why Santos decided to commit fraud in the first place considering federal authorities reportedly discovered that Santos secretly had a six figure job at the time of the original campaign scam. Authorities allege that he solicited donations from potential campaign supporters only to later convert many of the funds for personal use. Personal use they say include the purchase(s) of luxury goods; accessories, paying his credit card bills, paying off debt and other major personal expenses. Santos on his part of course denies anywrong doing having claimed the situation amounted to nothing more than a witch hunt.

Click here to see the formal election campaign complaint against Santos.

On Wednesday, he was formally taken into custody but later released on $500,000 bond. He has been ordered to limit his travel to New York and Washington D.C and must get permission to go elsewhere.

In the midst of all of these allegations and the initial revelation that Santos had been lying about his entire existence another tidbit about Santos surfaced. In his past life, Santos is understood to have performed as a drag queen named Kitara in Brazil. Much of Santos ‘s history dates back to Brazil and the claim was verified by photographs that appeared online thanks to another Queen Santos is understood to have performed with at the time.

Santos also denied this allegation although it later turned out to be true. During another stint in Brazil, Santos was accused of using bad checks to buy luxury items. The case was eventually almost abandoned after authorities allegedly couldn’t find Santos at the time, only for him to latere turn up as a United States Congressman countries away.

In 2017, George Santos was charged with writing bad checks out in Pennsylvania after he tried to give the checks to Amish dog breeders.

But never fear there’s more. In recent weeks, Santos as revealed by the revelation that he had been formally federally charged had been collecting unemployment benefits. The problem as prosecutors argued in theeir case as it kicked off — was the simple fact that Santos was never actually unemployed. According to prosecutors, despite this fact he falsely certified for unemployment benefits in New York City having collecting thousands of dollars while doing so.

Digging into Santos ‘s past it is clear most things he’s been involved in have either been completey sketchy or not real at all.

An important name to remember in the case of Santos is his former employer Harbor City Capital. Previously, Harbor City Capital has faced numerous allegations that the entire company is nothing short of bizarrely run ponzi scheme.

Many of the so-called ‘assets’ and ‘millions’ he claimd to have he also never had according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors allege that despite his previous claims of work; school, and other related things Santos also has a dark penchant for lying about his personal possessions. In one part of the case against him, it is claimed that Santos once notoriously claimed to own an apartment in Rio De Janeiro that was worth more than $1m. Alike many of the other claims this was also untrue as was the claim about having beeen a landlord and supposedly owning 13 buildings.

This is an ongoing case and as new developments in the case against Santos reveal themselves we will be covering the case from start to finish.

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