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Texas ‘s Ken Paxton wants to revive sodomy law that criminalized homosexuality

Troubling news in Texas this week amid reports that the state’s attorney general is pushing for several cases to be revisited including the 2003 case of Lawrence of Texas which involved sodomy within the state of Texas (or what they called it at the time.) For those not from America or a little young, before this time Texas had this law on the books particularly targeted at gay people. It was never removed from the state’s penal code despite the ruling at the time.

The 2003 landmark case involves two men, John Lawrence and Tyron Garner, who were caught having sex by Houston police while officers were responding to a weapons-related complaint at Lawrence’s apartment.

This video better explains more and why this is a very bad idea. Paxton admitted in the interview below that he would vigorously defend the law if the Supreme’s revisit and ultimately strike down its previous ruling.

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