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As cord cutters we are thrilled to bring you this week’s streaming guide. As the harsh weather continues to rile much of the world including America, nothing beats a good plate of food and a juicy T.V drama to watch.

  1. Piece of Her

Toni Collette ‘s Piece of Her comes in at No. 1 this week. The juicy thriller stars a Mom with a dark past as a survivor and witness to a major crime that the government has taken interest in over time. Having entered witness protection before her daughter grew up, the truth begins to unravel when her dark past catches up to her. She must race against time to save herself and her daughter.

Rating: A

2. Extra Curricular (Korean drama)

This one is not at all kid friendly and should be watched while the babies are asleep. Extra Curricular stars a so-called upbeata student with the perfect life only to find that none of his reality is true because he’s lost his mind. With a penchant for BDSM; gore, and human torture he finds himself in a battle against himself and those around him to prove he isn’t crazy.

3. Worst Roommate Ever

We really need everyone to watch this one and to take it seriously. No seriously, we seriously mean that because this one is a documentary about roommates gone wrong and how you never really know who is in your home.

4. Lies & Deceit

A popular teacher finds herself in the midst of a crime after allegedly beng date raped only to discover that proving such is allot harder than she imagined. It’s between her and a hunky surgeon she claims took her on a date only for it to go darkly south.

Rating: B-

-Our streaming guides are known to include R rated content and content that may not be suitable for all audiences. Parental caution should be exercised where applicable.

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