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America must explain why it left behind biometric computers that the Taliban is now using to hunt those who helped the west

A stunning new report out Friday has revealed that an obscene number of biometric data devices left behind by the Americans is assisting the Taliban. According to report, the American government reportedly left behind a vast network of data devices and military computers that appear to contain biometric data for local Afghans they helped create in a database.

Because they left these kinds of things behind it is their moral obligation to save as many as they can before the Taliban gets violent.

Each of the devices appear to have landed in the hands of a top secret offprint of the Taliban tasked with hunting down any and everything that assisted western forces. According to separate reports, this group is known as Al-Isha and they’re considered to be armed and dangerous.

News of the group first emerged thanks to an interview seen here. In the interview, a Taliban insurgent fighter essentially alluded to the idea of the group thereby confirming its existence. The Haqqini Network (which the group apparently belongs within) is considered to be one of the most lethal groups targeted western forces; NATO, and its allies.

It is further understood that the American government has provided the Taliban a list of Afghans and Americans they want to evacuate from the country. That move in particular has caught ire because it essentially adds these people to a kill list — especially if the Taliban consider these people to be traitors.

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