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Janet Mock cops to cheating on boyfriend sparks gasps at Pose premiere

Janet Mock decided to use the apparent Pose premiere as means to get messy on stage. During a 15-minute speech this week, Mock disclosed apparently for the first time that she indeed cheated on her boyfriend and struggled with the idea of her pay on the show. Mock disclosed that the network was actually paying her $40,000 per episode some of which she does not agree with.

“Why am I making $40,000 an episode? Huh?”

“I am angry!,” she said, demanding more money and perks equal to other TV executives. Mock then targeted Murphy complaining that male writers on the show weren’t just interesting enough.

But it was her comments following that that are attracting attention. In the same speech, Mock confirmed that she indeed had an affair on her boyfriend Angel Curiel (who also stars in Pose.)

“Angel, Angel. I’m not losing you. You hear me? You are f–king important to me,” Mock continued. “I don’t want to live in a house alone. I want you. You motherf–ker. Right there. That’s who I want. I’m getting what’s mine.”

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