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T.V Drama: RHONY cast members FUMING after jabs by Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel has quite the penchant for drama these days, even if it means throwing the people who paid her handsomely under the bus. Page Six is out today with damning details of how their are now internal arguments at RHONY over the recent comments made about Frankel.

Bethenny Frankel and Andy Cohen

Bethenny Frankel and Andy Cohen – Getty Images

The comments came after Frankel appeared and said said on “Extra” of her former show, “The ratings overall in television have never been higher and perhaps the ratings on ‘Real Housewives’ aren’t doing well because it’s sort of not maybe the content that is inspiring people to do what they need to do right now.”

“We all can’t believe she’s out there bashing the show when the ratings are good and she’s proclaimed to have moved on when she decided to leave the franchise,” said a source close to the cast to Page Six. “I know the ladies only wish her more success with her new show than she had with the last one!”

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