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Identifying some of the #Capitol seditionists and terrorists #CapitolBreach

Last updated on 2021-01-15

Editors note: The following information is being released to the public in an effort to help others bring to justice the treasonous traitors who quite literally tried to attack their own country. One by one, we’ve identified some of these traitors using social media — ID’s made by others are credited.

  1. ‘C Tittleman” & “Richard”

C. Tittleman has been identified as the man in this photo that was later confirmed by a man who was believed to have been his father. Tittleman is the man who stood on the Gerald Ford statue inside the Capitol. He later deleted the account and the tweets but not before he claimed that it was not him. His father said otherwise.

2. Nicholas Rodean

The genius that wore his work badge to the Capitol during the sedition efforts has been identified as Frederick Maryland resident Nicholas Rodean. Rodean is pictured in the photograph below. It is unclear how many jobs Rodean actually has. Public records show that he was employed by Navistar until he was fired for being part of the riots, although, public records also show he may have been employed by a company called Glory Doughnuts in Frederick Maryland.

UPDATE: Glory Dougnuts confirmed in a Facebook post that this is indeed Nicholas Rodean. He was last employed by Glory Doughnuts last February.

3. “Jake Angeli”

Jake Angeli has been identified. According to federal officials, he has been identified as Jacob Anthony Chansley aka the Q Shaman and has since been arrested as of 9 January.

4. pc/getty images

Man in the picture identified as JOSIAH COLT according to the Idaho Statesman.

5. Derrick Evans an actual West Virginian Lawmaker

According to the Washington Post, Evans was identified as one of the Capitol terrorists.

6. Richard Barnett (arrested)


7. Derrick Evans

WV State Legislature

Evans, a WV legislator/Delegate has been federally charged for his part in the Capitol rights. See this local news report.

8. Adam Johnson (arrested in Florida.)

Adam Johnson who stole and then attempted to carry Pelosi’s lectern throughout the Capitol building has been arrested on federal charges.

9. Eric Munchel

Known as the “Zip Tie Terrorist” Munchel was arrested by federal authorities on Sunday.

10. Larry Rendall Brock J

The infamous retired Army Colonel that was spotted in the crown at the riots has been arrested as of Sunday evening.

Brock, a retired Army Colonel and father of 3 has been arrested. He alike others will likely never see his family again.


Eric Dark, 43 the man who was standing with the mayor of Newkirk.

Photographs in this article have been credited and used solely for immediate informational purposes in identifying people who committed federal crimes. We will update this page as more identifications are made by us or that we find are made by others.

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