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My Dad left my Mom for his brother but then left his brother for her cousin and now they’re married

Editors Note: This guest column contains references to incest relationships which are controversial, thus, still somewhat common today. The views contained in this guest editorial do not represent the views of The Daily News or its editorial staff. In some parts of the world and the U.S incest is still very much illegal — while in others it is alive and well.

You could easily argue that my relationship with my father has always been controversial. His family is from the backwoods of America, indeed, the part of the country where they believe almost anything told to them so long as it came from a white person in power. He has always had some twisted views on the world, notably, that anyone who isn’t white likely doesn’t come from earth and if they do they should be imprisoned in the name of stopping diversity. But that’s a different guest-ed for a different day.

My Mom and Dad had been together roughly 23 years. For ever and a day, it seemed like they were the happiest of couples and likely would grow old together. But when I was about 16 or so, I noticed that times had changed and the computer use by my father then discovered by my Mother led to what would become of years worth of arguments.

Arguments that would lead to the discovery that my father had been watching presumably young women “posing” as sisters on adult film sites engaging in yeah that. I’ll never forget the day my Mom came to me and had asked had I ever seen my Dad talk about his siblings in a way that seemed different.

And I had. That Spring my Dad ‘s brother had come to town (one of those uncles that disappears for the most part and then shows up during random times which had always seemed questionable in itself) and it had seemed off from the start. He was very into my Dad this time around; very close, and often times it seemed like they were sneaking off for whatever reason. Obviously I mentioned that to my Mom who then found in his phone text messages from his brother instructing him to e*t him out among other things. It not only served as the confirmation that my Mom needed to know that my Dad was into incest, it, was also the confirmation that my Mom needed to understand that she had been married to a closeted gay man for more than 20 years.

My Dad did not take well to the discovery and had accused my Mom of snooping where she had no right to snoop. But despite that couldn’t seem to explain why he was having relations with his Brother. That fact alone has puzzled my Mom even to this day almost 5 years after their divorce.

Recently though a wrench was thrown into this plot because of a phone call my Mom got while we were in quarantine (I came home from college at the time.) As it turns out my Dad and his Brother apparently split up some 6 months ago and didn’t tell anyone. The same cheating-esque scandal he unleashed on my Mom he also apparently did to his brother.

This is where my Mom learned that my Dad had begun dating her cousin also a younger male. Weirdly they married no less than a month after getting together and are now demanding custody of my younger brother whom my Dad shares with my Mom. As one could probably guess my Mom has asked a judge to keep my Dad away from my little brother.

A holiday season it has indeed been.

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