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America now has a conservative majority on the court, and that is very much a bad thing

Make no mistake —- there are good conservatives and bad conservatives just like bad Dems and good Dems exist. The problem with conservatives like Amy Coney Barrett isn’t necessarily the fact that she’s conservative, it’s the fact that she swears by a document that was written hundreds of years ago and hasn’t adapted to the times.

I’m referencing the constitution here guys. I’m sure we can all agree to some degree that the constitution most certainly has served its intendned purpose and then some. The right to freedom of speech; the right to bear arms, the right of the press, and so on. But conservative interpretation of the constitution almost always tends to go backwards instead of forwards advancing with the times.

It is in fact not 1902 anymore. It is 2020 in the 21st century about to be 2021. We live in a time where freedom(s) of all kinds are what make the world we live in prosper. The problem with conservatives like Amy Coney Barrett and her ilk is that the dogma in which she represents would have one easily confused about year it is.

Conservatives have long pushed the faulty arguments that “liberal” women kill babies too far into pregnancies. They’ve pushed this fake idea that gay people rape young children and girls, they’ve pushed this idea that anyone who isn’t white and Christian must be stopped.

They’ve destroyed in part what it means to be an American and what it means to call this country home. America fought so hard to escape the conservatism and the viewpoints of the 1900 ‘s and even before that. Those viewpoints are largely what led to political division; extreme racism, way back when slavery, and everything in between. They want to go back to those times because at those times that’s to them when “America Was Great.”

Because think about it. When has America ever been great except for people like Barrett and her ilk? It’s been great for them for centuries because they’ve been in power for so long —- they’re threatened by anyone whom is different. Except now —- women and anyone who may be different are going to suffer and suffer quickly at the hands of a Supreme Court leaning right.

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