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Coronavirus rages across Europe as bars shutter; schools close, and hospitals reach maximum capacity AGAIN

Europe is apparently the model nobody wants to find themselves following behind but much of the world including America is headed right in that direction. This week — from the Czech Republic to Spain bars and schools were ordered shut amid rising Coronavirus cases as many fear a second wave has arrived amid failures by the government to protect their people.

Czechian officials have reportedly ordered schools back to distance learning; meanwhile Barcelona has closed bars for 15 days, and places like Belgium and Germany are scrambling to stop a double pandemic of a major flu outbreak and the Coronavirus combined.

This comes amid contentions from anti-maskers around the world In multiple territories. It is not just Europe that is having a rising wave once more.

Belgian officials confirmed on Wednesday that hospital fears are growing between at least three hospitals. Officials say that they’re preparing for the worst and that means they’re preparing for near if not universal capacity by mid-November as the flu and the Coronavirus infect citizens simultaneously.

Surprisingly, France is also headed into new social restrictions amid fears of its own. According to French officials —- new restrictions are being unveiled throughout the week as government heads aim to stop a further outbreak in the country.

In the Czech Republic all non-essential surgical operations have been stopped.

The latest estimates show that European daily infections are toppling nearly 100,000 a day or more. America isn’t far behind.

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