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Like America — Boris Johnson appears to have a partially lacklustre response plan to a very real virus problem. When I heard this and then terms like sombrero — I was a bit confused wondering if we were talking about a virus outbreak or a dish at a Spanish restaurant (had only hoped it was the 2nd one.)

Okay so let’s break this down. As of this writing — it appears that No. 10 has finally come to terms with the fact that containment might just be a long lost wish. According to a released government plan, the government is gunning to “delay” the force of the outbreak (“delay”) presumably because it is spreading faster than they can actually contain it.

Interestingly, No. 10 hopes that by delaying the break of the virus — it’ll sort of spare hospitals and give them enough time to figure things out before even more seasonal viruses come about (think norovirus and the seasonal actual flu.). This for those wondering what in the hell herd immunity means — is exactly as you might’ve thought. According to the government, they used this term while describing sparing the hospitals in hopes that the population will develop immunity during said sparing.

Experts believe that immunity will be achieved only if 60 percent if the British population is “immune.” That would mean that at least that percentile range of the population would have to stop passing it on to others — i.e community spread.

The problem?

Some experts and scientists are concerned that herd immunity may not be the full solution. That comes because there are some reports out of China indicating that people have become infected more than once with the Covid-19 virus.

Furthermore, all of this comes on the heels of Boris Johnson confirming on Saturday that British schools across the country will not be closing.

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