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LONDON —  Theresa May is busy at work, and, this time ready to reportedly overhaul most of the U.K’s laws on dangerous driving. According to news reports, May, indicated in meetings with officials and the like this week that the “U.K is in need of an overhaul in regards to legal problems surfacing from driving persecution”.

In the meantime,  May, apparently made the comments while speaking about free-trade and the like in the Commons — something — that she probably shouldn’t of actually done.  How so? The U.K cannot actual sign any deals (in regards to the rumored trade deal with Australia) while still part of the European Union, which means, that May, must wait two-and-a-half years to make that the “U.K will become the leader of free-trade” comment a bitter reality.

The announcement on dangerous driving laws comes after May was challenged by lawmakers to improve them. Currently, death by driving or (“careless driving”) carries a charge of one year in prison and a suspended drivers card for up to two years.


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