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Social Media Minute:   It’s Sunday morning and we’ve got your social media minute update.   A Mississippi prison is in the news today after photographs emerged from inside the prison indicating inmates are forced to live without A.C.  Photographs clearly show inmates sweating…….

The following photographs are pretty disturbing….

The inmates in the photographs have not been identified as of this writing.  The photographs appear to have been taken by a burner phone, presumably not meant to be inside the prison.  Water faucets are filthy; unkept, and pouring dirty water.  Appliances are beyond rusted levels — and inmates are even sleeping on floors.

It’s being reported that inmates are forced to sleep on floors; with their doors open, because they have no proper A.C.   A common issue has been foud at numerous prisons across America as it has widely been declared that the lack of air conditioning is inhumane.


We’ve reached out to Mississippi state officials for comment on this report.

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