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Stop calling us celebrities

As bloggers we’ve been around the block pushing damn near two decades. But what we’re not going to do is suddenly classify ourselves as celebrities, uh, following a ruling by the ASA of the U.K.

While we can’t disclose the number of website followers we have, we, can confirm that the number far exceeds tens-of-millions of people. On social media alone, there are tens of thousands of followers readily available at any given time (across Twitter; Facebook, Snapchat, and multiple Instagram profiles).

The ruling appears to dictate that (“we”) or people who fall into high-follower categories must follow the same “celeb” rules like those of Kim K and David Beckham.

It apparently all started when some mummy blogger wrongfully promoted a sleep aid on her IG channel.

*Huffs* Just don’t classify us in the same category as the woman who started this all and is now legally considered a celebrity in the U.K.

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