4 Tips To Finding The Correct Dose Of CBD

4 Tips to finding the correct dose of CBD

Cannabinoids have been widely accepted for their healing and therapeutic properties. There are numerous benefits you can accrue from CBD usage. For instance, CBD oils are popularly used to manage both chronic and acute pain. CBD is also used to treat heart disease, inflammation, schizophrenia and other diseases.

If you’ve been wondering what the most appropriate CBD dosage to take is, then you can rest easy knowing that 10mg CBD dosage for pain is all you need daily.

Here are 4 tips to finding the correct dose of CBD:

  1. Consider your weight

Some people disregard their distinct body weight when they commence taking CBD. However, weight is a paramount factor that you should consider before starting any CBD dosage. The greater your body mass, the more CBD you’ll require for it to take effect. Most individuals take CBD to manage pain and for relaxation purposes as well. For every 4.5 Kgs (or 10 lbs.) of body mass you possess, your dose of CBD will range from 1-6 mg. A 150-pound patient would need around 20mg of CBD whereas an individual weighing more than 200 pounds would require 30mg of CBD or more. However, consult your doctor and get the green light from him/her before setting the ball rolling on CBD.

  1. Utilize a CBD calculator

Since its inception, CBD has been widely utilized to treat an assortment of ailments such as chronic pain. However, many individuals are still uncertain about the best CBD dosage they should use. Using a CBD dosage calculator could offer some much-needed assistance to individuals who desire to eliminate the guesswork from the entire process. This calculator factors in your weight, diet, metabolic rate and similar factors. It also analyzes the particular CBD variety you’re using to determine the exact dose of CBD you require. You can get a functional CBD calculator online.

  1. Figure out what CBD benefits you want

Cannabinoids come in many varieties. Ingestibles such as CBD-infused gum, encapsulations and cooking oils are the most popular types of cannabinoids. However, we also have topical CBD varieties that are either applied directly onto the skin as lotions, balms, soaps and shampoos or attached to the body as transdermal patches. Other types of CBD are smoked using Electronic Vapes. Before taking any dosage of CBD, determine why you’re using cannabinoids in the first place. Is it to cure anxiety, epilepsy, pain, depression, ADHD, acne, inflammation or rheumatoid arthritis? Most importantly, speak with a CBD pharmacist beforehand.

  1. Start small on your first CBD dosage

If you’re just starting on CBD, it’s best to start with a small dosage and increase it slowly with time. Remember, we all have varying genetic makeups. Some individuals might require larger doses of CBD to accrue the benefits thereof while others might experience severe side effects if they took a similar dose. Good news is, it’s extremely hard to overdose from CBD (or even get addicted to it). The human body tolerates high doses of CBD quite efficiently. However, it’s wise to get a thorough medical assessment from your trusted physician before starting any CBD dose.

These 4 tips will help you find the appropriate dose of CBD swiftly.

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