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Friendly reminder about use of our guest post service

Last updated on 2019-02-01

Our website is specifically designed in a manner in which allows for presentation on multiple devices; systems, and our own personal systems that made this possible.    Our themes are designed in certain manners; and, our HTML codes are controlled by an outside server.

We are physically unable to change or alter any forms of HTML coding on our website because they are locked by an outside server to prevent unauthorized changes.    We’d also like to remind customers that customers are not permitted to request changes to HTML coding, and, such is actually a violation of our Terms of Service. The coding in our website has no display issue with actual posts; guest posts, or images.  Nobody on our editorial team has access to the switchboard that unlocks the HTML editor via our WP dashboard — it is controlled from an enterprise computer and by the people who manage such.

The enterprise dashboard is controlled by our parent organization. Even as I as the Editor in Chief do not have access to this dashboard. 

We’ve received multiple e-mails from particular clients requesting that we alter coding found within our site. We are not willing to perform such changes, and, orders that make such requests will be removed from our site.


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