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PALO ALTO, CALIF — Bad news for billionaire Elizabeth Holmes and her company Theranos. According to Ars Technica,  Therano ‘s is now  under two separate federal investigations following new rounds of accusations published in the Wall Street Journal earlier this week.  Therano ‘s has faced a barrage of incriminating accusations since October that it illegally deceived its customers about — products and its services — and never told the truth about some of its blood testing capabilities.

Therano’s initially gained prominence and bouts of skepticism earlier this year after it claimed that it could, perhaps,  perform a multitude of tests with just a few drops of blood (something generally unheard of).   Media reports at the time questioned the claims made by Therano’s and founder Elizabeth Holmes.

Therano’s denied the allegations in an open letter to the Wall Street Journal, however, that didn’t stop two U.S federal agencies from opening investigations into the company.  Therano ‘s stands by the claim that they haven’t seen any of the alleged complaints, however, agencies were able to open federal investigations based on what appear to be tangible allegations based on employee-made complaints in September.

In September, a former employee reportedly made a complaint to CMS  about the company’s use of Edison machines in their labs. The machines, per the employee, apparently never quite got all of the results in which it needed — correct — some of which was never acknowledged by Holmes of Therano’s as a whole.  Such a claim came forth after the complaint, which,  served as the first time that was it revealed that the Edison machine’s would spit out “wildly different results” for the same patient  essentially for the same test.

In case it couldn’t get any worse for the company…

The same employee claimed in later media reports that the company was “notorious for dilluting blood samples” some of which played a part in the fact that they used Edison machines that would often break down.  The machines, perhaps,  weren’t of “top quality”  and would break down more than the company willingly reported to the U.S Food and Drug Administration.

Again, like the other accusations, Therano’s denies those accusations also.

Perhaps the most interesting of the claims made against Therano ‘s, were, actually those in which accuse the company of lacking the efficiency in being able to adequately detect and test for herpes.  The unusual part about that claim, is, the fact that  Therano ‘s later gained approval for a similar herpes test that it claims is “valid and does as described” that was “put together by an adequate; educated, and hard working team of engineers and scientists’

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