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The famed finger pricking blood testing company, who, famously got caught lying about the validity of its products has a new problem — Federal officials in America. According to the Us attorneys office for Northern California and the SEC,  Therano’s is in deep trouble after a brand new criminal probe was reportedly opened into the company and the actions of Elizabeth Holmes.

Fed officials reportedly claim that Holmes and Therano’s knowingly deceived the public about their products and how they actually worked, and, the deception allegedly went much farther reaching into the pockets of Therano’s megs wealthy investors.

Late last year, we ran one of the first articles regarding investigations into the company after the

Wall Street JOURNAL revealed the troubling news about the once revolutionary company.  It gets worse, however, at least according to certain officials who didn’t want to be identified.

Officials say that thousands of complaints reportedly  went unanswered by Therano’s something that Holmes strongly denied in the past. In an interview on the Today Show Monday, Holmes,  claimed that her  company has hurt no one even with their seriojs-y flawed claims regarding blood testing.

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