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The Critics have Spoken…..

K.C. Bailey/Universal Pictures via AP
K.C. Bailey/Universal Pictures via AP

Tina Fey x Amy Poehler, that particular comedic combo is perhaps one of the best known across the board. However,  the comedic pairs latest film “Sisters” appears to be both “comic gold” and a “miss” depending on who you ask.

Rounding up some of the…. interesting reviews.

Fey and Poehler, perhaps, “spin an otherwise slender premise into antic, quippily lighthearted comic gold,” writes Ann Hornaday at the Washington Post.

This guy, however, wasn’t so nice. “a stupid movie,” adds Bruce Kirkland at the Toronto Sun. “You feel that there is a good and maybe even a meaningful comedy here. But it never gets its act together,” he says.

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