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HARLEM — You hear that? If you haven’t been living under a rock, and you are or live near Harlem, you’ve probably noticed that the neighborhood is suddenly crawling with police  almost daily.    Beginning near Adam Clayton Boulevard and surround both sides of the neighborhood, now, at almost any given time of the day — you can spot at least two police officers.

The Daily News was first alerted to this particular Harlem-story after readers posed the question to us on Facebook, wondering, why they were suddenly in the presence of more police than usual.

“It’s weird and it makes us feel uncomfortable, because, now they’re always literally watching”  says one local Mom who preferred to remain anonymous.

We did manage to confirm the claim.   During a recent visit to a Jamaican restaurant and an AT&T store in Harlem, we,  encountered at least 9 officers beginning near Marcus Garvey Park clear down to the train near McDonald’s on the opposite side of W 125th.

Also it’s worth noting that Marcus Garvey is no  longer a place where young people can hang out to smoke weed. We’ve managed to also confirm that the park is crawling with undercover cops, who, think they’re slick hiding in plain clothes and or cars with no lights on.


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