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Kylie Jenner denies reports Travis Scott moved out of home

Looks like there may be trouble in paradise (or is there?).  Originally, rumors popped up online over the weekend indicating that rapper Travis Scott left Kylie Jenner on the lamb with child and an empty home.    The rumors claimed that Scott moved out of Jenner’s Hidden Hills mansion while she was away with her daughter, although, nobody’s quite sure how true that may be.

Jenner herself, uh, has now disputed the rumor “citing that it is entirely false” and that the  cute couple “never misses a night together as a family” despite their often fluctuating and different work schedules.  

The rumors first appeared online after this photo surfaced on Twitter. A user in Santa Ana, Calif claimed that their “Dad” moves stuff for the Kardashian family (a feat that remains entirely unconfirmed btw). 

The user appears to have falsely claimed that Jenner spilled her life details over tequila while  the movers moved Travis’s things out of her home.   Jenner disputed the rumors, as, have multiple sources who tell The Daily News that the user in question “is a known and documented liar obsessed with anything reality television’. 

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