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Liverpool, a vibrant city with unparalleled opportunity, unprecedented levels of regeneration and unmissable investment opportunities.

A region once associated with economic instability introduces an ambitious range of regeneration initiatives.

Attracting keen investors from across the globe Liverpool’s resurgence proves to be a catalyst for change – a shining jewel amongst any investors’ crown.

Leading the way in the Northern Powerhouse, Liverpool presents itself as not only a popular hub for attracting investment but also a financially logical one.

The cosmopolitan city with an eclectic abundance of nightlife, world heritage sites, museums and art galleries is made up of small historic villages brought to life by developers keen to tap into Liverpool’s strong sense of heritage whilst retaining the city’s historic charm, a charm paralleled with the regeneration of the city centre.

Liverpool’s city centre captures its flourishing business confidence in new building projects presenting a fresh revitalised city which places Liverpool firmly on the map for being one of the UKs most dynamic urban centres – a modern metropolis through mass investment and construction.

Buy-to-let investors are flocking to Liverpool to take advantage of some of the best property investments due to low entry prices and high rental yields immersing themselves into Liverpool’s burgeoning rental market. A market underpinned by an increasing graduate population, a multitude of investment from multinationals and soaring property demands driving the city’s economy forward. RWInvest, a market leading property investment company based in Liverpool offers a distinct selection of buy-to-let properties situated in a number of ideal locations across the city and provide a perfect opportunity for investors to become a part of prosperous Liverpool.

Proudly sitting second on the list of top places in the UK for rental yields at 5.16%, Liverpool is set to benefit despite the government’s plans to increase stamp duty by 3%, leaving property investment throughout the city unhindered.

Liverpool One boasts an investment paradise, a prime city centre location generating outstanding rental yields, particularly with four main universities in close proximity. The influx of students and young professionals are the main demographic of people wanting to live in this area.

Student populations in cities like Liverpool, currently around 60,000, provide a reliable and continuous market for property investors, with up to 60% requiring accommodation it is easy to sustain 43 plus weeks of occupancy every year. The student affect is a key contributor to attracting buy-to-let investors as universities are feeding the employment boom and the incessant demand for housing is pushing rents up, a bonus for investors guaranteeing a consistent and impressive return on investment.

The city’s renowned academic network, anchored by the £1 billion Knowledge Quarter, ensures it continues to attract the brightest talent. The technology and digital creativity sectors are quickly becoming one of Liverpool’s main sources of rental income.

The creative corner of the city, The Baltic Market, has welcomed a cluster of creative and technological companies representing an old industrial region reinventing itself as a new cutting-edge area contributing nearly £900 million to the sub region’s economy.

The growth in science and technology and new digital companies incorporated in the city centre allows for a larger graduate retention as it attracts a cohort of young, creative professionals choosing to stay in the area rather than seeking work elsewhere, further boosting buy-to-let.

Liverpool is a beacon of architecture and culture showcasing a brand new £400 million SuperPort adding to Liverpool’s iconic waterfront, a proposed new Chinatown project together with the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

Liverpool has been enjoying many years of resurgence by introducing a diverse mix of owner-occupiers, investors in developments, more buy-to-let properties and major companies boosting jobs. With the demand for property outstripping supply, Liverpool presents itself as a powerhouse of the North, a dominant hotspot in property investment and more than a viable option for any discerning property investor looking to take advantage of its thriving property market.

It is fair to say Liverpool has shrugged off its past assortment of derelict buildings to create a substantial boost to the city’s economy through a colourful mix of projects adding to the property investment value and offering justifiable reasons for you entrust your money into the city with confidence.

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