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An urgent health warning for New York City residents

NEW YORK — This is an urgent health warning to New York City residents.  The New York City Department of Health has issued a warning following a confirmation  about a case of the measles.   Officials tell The Daily News that an Australian tourist  checked into the hospital after 10 days of roaming around New York City with a bad case of the measles. 

He visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art;  several train stations, and various other parts of the city.   Residents are advised to avoid touching anything in public, and,  if you are sick in any way please wear some form of a face mask. Measles are highly contagious and can be deadly for children.

If you  or someone you know may have symptoms of the measles, call emergency services immediately.

Measles of the Symptoms:

Sudden fever

Red rash on face or body

Possible fatigue

Dry Cough

If you have even one of these symptoms please see a health professional immediately.


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