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NYC must pay 3 Muslims women $180,000 for forcing them to remove hijabs

NEW YORK — The NYPD apparently still hasn’t learned that Muslim people are  people themselves.  According to The New York Daily News,    the three women have all filed previous lawsuits dating way back to 2012.  In most of them, they all surround the 3 women and their religious garments known as the  hijab.

This is where it gets interesting. A High School girl only identified as G.E   claimed in her lawsuit that “police refused”  to let her be photographed with her hijab,   and, that they  had made her “feel uncomfortable” because they had attempted to force her to be photographed by males.

This is where the issue began.  At least 2 other major lawsuits were brought against the NYPD for almost identical issues.

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