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Gram slam

Gram Slam:

Oh what a night It’s not time for the NBA but there were some major dunks at the 60th annual grammy awards. Now for the sake of pure love, we didn’t know which to cover the actual grammys or or (drum roll please) Uncle Jay Z’s “Roc Nation Brunch” I mean did Mrs. Bey not slay? Sips cup, Do we know if Uncle Kanye was in the building?

Yes so many things to go over and with me as your writer , things are going to go pretty fast, I mean even faster than the switch up Miley Cyrus gave us, doing simple black Jean Paul Gaultier black jumpsuit. Lord knows we were proud parents over here at Bazaar Daily. We wouldn’t been right if the disney princess would have showed out and showed up in one of her usuals. Maybe she has a boyfriend now. Either way we loved the simplicity paired with the white rose in support of the #times up movement.

Speaking of showing out John legend and his wife Chrissy came to play no games as she glowed and sparkled in Yanina Couture. We think by far she had the sexiest baby bump. Now real quick since we hit on the sparkles and the glow up, can we lay down by the holy grail at our girl SZA! (close your mouth please, this is a no drool zone) Everyone knows the success story, she is our holy savior for the ultimate big girl transformation. Wearing a Atelier Versace we thought she was nominated as the next exclusive Barbie Doll, never mind how many times she was nominated. We choose her!

Slits were pretty big this year, so many wore them, including Rita Ora who we kinda felt like Angelina Jolie had taken over her soul. We won’t cover Queen Bey, her slits were from the divine god of splits himself,(we don’t know who that is yet but maybe we can throw a fashion post up and see who the god of slits is) Cardi B, she’s our baby boo, her glam team really knows what they are doing. Now we were wowed at this Bronx Beauty from her messy “Belle” hair to her sparkly Louboutins. Her dress wasn’t simple but the designer ,Ashi Studio matched perfect with all that bling. Hmm can we tell she making money moves or what! Before we run out of material we had to throw this beauty in the mix, Did you see Ms. Indie Arie? (give us a moment) Now she’s been missing off of our radar, Kinda like Macy Gray and Lauren Hill however she surprised us not only on the red carpet showing very healthy legs but she wowed us with a performance and a grammy nomination.(Have you heard the song? we just asking for a friend)

A Lot of women chose to uhhh wear men suits and we are usually here for our favorite sister Janelle Monae but we pass on her suit she wore this evening, stick to the tailored look, Monae. Did anybody else start singing ,“Who’s that girl” when they saw Eve!? I mean we are here for the max 0 million bride aren’t we? We think her fashion sense was on point well before the grammys tho!


So far we have been talking about all the grammy hits, ooouuu did we leave out Ashanti, yesssssssss, do we need to elaborate looking like the limited edition Christmas ornament your grandma been waiting for since last year. She will always be our princess, another proud parent moment. Sorry back to the not so buzzing outfits. Is the grammys for kids? I know Jaden Smith is different and to be honest this is one time BD daily would not have minded seeing him in a dress compared to the frock he put together.(even though we are not denying that those could have been some very expensive frocks) We just wish he showed out for us, kinda like how Childish Gambino did(didn’t we say no drool zone) that white had us feeling so godly. Your girl Pink, always amazes us but sorry we.. were..not..amazed. That is all, Andra Day, we can’t and we won’t and whoever styled her should not have.

Enough of the fashion let’s get into the nominations, not the winners but the nominations, How many did Uncle Jay have? Wow 8 and didn’t take home any but it’s ok he had the top prize, Mrs.Carter. Sza was a winner as the most nominated woman with 5 of them babies, and are we shocked that Dave Chappelle took home the award for best comedy over Seinfeld and Silverman. The big news is Kendricks win, which he should have because he’s been snubbed to many times, Cardi says she’s not mad, Bono knows who she is, so we shouldn’t be mad either. Plus her Ig videos give us life.

To wrap up our most memorable moment is of course to speak about the “Times Up” movement and no one could have delivered that speech better than Janelle Monae. With Kesha in the background, proved a powerful moment for many women who have came out this year with the “me too”. We won’t get onto the whole speech, but we will leave you with this, regardless of the show, regardless of the losers, the winners the best dressed, who got snubbed ; there are other things to be celebrated and nothing is more inspiring, more uplifting then someone relieving themselves of the burden, the hurt, and the shame they have felt because of someone else’s malice ways. We commend all the women and men that have endeared troublesome times and have had traumatizing experiences that they have had to go on in silence with. For you are the real winners. As JM stated, “We also have the power to undo a culture that does not serve us well.”

Maybe next year Bazaar Daily will get a little closer to the red carpet, until then Noella Fe says, don’t forget to keep with us on twitter @bazaardaily and our facebook page, Bazaar Daily.

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  1. Tia Hart Tia Hart 2018-01-29

    Ashanti looked great but yeesss omg that dress looked out of season. Christmas JUST PASSED why she pull that out the closet?!

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